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10D ~ Loose Promade Fans
10D ~ Loose Promade Fans
Pro Made Lash Couture

10D ~ Loose Promade Fans

$28.00 CAD


If you've ever wondered what its its like to create a full fluffy set of lashes in record time, without having to spend hours before hand creating perfectly handcrafted tight base fans ... you're dreams have just been answered! 

Check out the slim bases on our 100% hand made Pro Fans and you wont for a second regret the extra time you spent binge watching 'insert current popular show' on Netflix.


475-520 loose fans per box 


Our loose fans are all hand made with ultra light adhesive applied to bond the base. Each fan is hand crafted with love and intention and may not look exactly identical to the other. For more symmetry, try our book fans available in mixed sizes! 



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