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5D .07 Pro Fans
Pro Made Lash Couture

5D .07 Pro Fans

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5 D Pro Fans

Are you trained in classic lashes but haven't had the chance yet to take a volume course? Are your clients bugging you for that 'just a little bit fuller at the ends' look but you cant yet deliver? Well you've arrived at just the right place. Our PRO FAN collection will have both you and your clients going gaga over your lash sets. 

Let's face it, we want to retain our clientele and keep them as happy as possible by providing excellent service, great products and above all - meeting their needs. This isn't just one way to do it, it is THE way of the very near lashing future.  

Lash now and acquire some serious volume fanning skills later! 

120 fans/tray

Dimension - 5D

Thickness .07

Slim base heat bonded fans 

Color - Midnight black 

Material Faux mink 

Maximum curl retention 

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