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12D .03 PRO FANS
12D .03 PRO FANS
12D .03 PRO FANS
Pro Made Lash Couture

12D .03 PRO FANS

$11.00 CAD $17.00 CAD


12 D slim base fans 

At Pro Made LC, we're all about the PRO made fans. We'll find you the slimmest, tightest, most snatched fan bases you have ever come across in your lashing career. The quality is so exquisite that we are running out of excuses as lash artists not to use them. If I told you, you could have beautifully consistent fans for your lash sets that you didn't spend hours perfecting at home prior to taking your lash appointments, wouldn't you buy these guys in a heart beat? Well we sure did and now were offering them to you too!

120 fans/tray

Dimension - 12D

Thickness .03

Slim base heat bonded fans 

Color - Midnight black 

Material Faux min k 

Maximum curl retention 



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